With teaching and facilitating roles in various capacities, Gabriel has built a reputation of an excellent corporate trainer. He is a communication coach, a teacher trainer and an elocutionist. He is your go-to person for quality and effective training in presentation and communication skills.

His hands-on approach to teaching is second to none. He helps learners learn in the most fun and practical way imaginable. He runs with the vision of raising great and knowledgeable individuals who are driven by the passion to impart quality practical knowledge in their areas of specialization.

Gabriel is a Fulbright Scholar and a doctoral student. He has the Cambridge certificate (CELTA) for teaching English from the International House, London. He also has a certificate in English Phonetics from the University College London.

He has a Diploma certificate in journalism and has also taken a number of courses to ensure the currency of his skills as a communication teacher, a teacher trainer and an elocution coach.

He has been teaching communication since 2013. He founded Regal Effect Solution Nigeria Limited, a professional training firm, in May 2012 to kick-start his vision of owning a leading training firm. Since its inception, Regal Effect Solution Nigeria Limited has successfully trained more than a thousand professionals.