Employees’ performances are hinged on many factors of which an enabling environment which allows employees to freely provide feedback without being shut down or victimised is pivotal. Organisations that have psychological safety as a part of their core values will always get the best out of their employees. When employees feel safe at work, they find it easier to share their opinions about policies and express personal reservations or approval for the organisation’s operational strategies.

Communication in the workplace transcends the use of the appropriate linguistic resources to express thoughts and opinions. It includes many unwritten sociocultural rules that limit employees’ choices of words; dampen or heighten motivation to ask questions and regulate the enthusiasm to proffer genuine answers. When these sociocultural rules are pragmatic and people-centric, it sets the stage for effective communication within the workplace otherwise, employees will find it hard to express themselves and performance will suffer.

Psychological safety is neither a carte blanche for unprofessional behaviours nor being unnecessarily nice and agreeable to subordinates. It is a culture of respect, trust, and openness which fosters participation and inclusivity in the workplace. Managers need not compromise high professional standards in the process of providing a safe space for their employees to thrive.


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